"Little Things Unloved and Lost..."

I have a deep and abiding love of history. I binge watch "Downton Abbey" and "The Crown". I read historical novels, and love the past and all its stories. When I wander through a flea market or an estate sale each piece lost there, temporarily unloved, that catches my eye tells me a little story. I need to gather those pieces up, wash them, restore them to beauty once more, and find them a new home.

I sometimes sell pieces that are less than perfect (but I tell you about it) because I don't like the idea of them being lost forever just because they are no longer perfect. Like people they have lived a long life full of stories. Can't you just imagine the lives they witnessed?

American glass, from Early American Pressed Glass, to Depression Glass, to Elegant Glass tells me stories of American history, manufacturing, and craftsman ship in a changing world. There are lessons to be learned.

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